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Free Remote Programming for NEC Phone Systems Via an Existing Internet Connection.

How We Can Save You Lots of Money!

When you purchase a specified NEC Phone System Starter Kit from ESSI we will program your new phone system remotely for free via an existing internet connection.  We also provide 60 days of updates so we can make sure your new phone system is programmed to meet your needs.

How we program your phone system remotely is using www.showmypc.com.  Through Show My PC we can log onto you existing PC remotely via a secure connection.  What we mean by secure is: you have complete control to allow our technicians into your computer and stop them from having access to your computer at any time.  We then download and install the PC Administration Software onto your computer, and begin the programming process.

What we need from you:  We need either a Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 PC on site connected to your existing network of computers.  We need you to connect the phone system to your existing computer network using a Cat5 computer patch cable.  It would be best to connect your phone system to your network as the phone system will look out to an internet time server to update the time for daylight savings.

We can also program the phone system via a USB port.  We would need a Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 PC on site connected to an existing internet connection and connected to the phone systems USB port.

How We Can Save You Money: programming your phone system remotely eliminates the need for a costly technician visit for programming changes, as we can perform programming changes remotely that usually cost a minimal $35.00.

What Type of Internet Connection:  We need either a DSL or Cable type internet connection for remote programming.  In most cases we can not program via a Satellite or Dish type internet connection as they usually upload through a telephone line and download through the actual Satellite or dish connection that will not provide enough upload speed.

Most Common Program Changes:  The most common changes are the naming of extensions and to change the automated attendant greeting.  The NEC phone system is now configured so users can change the name of an extension and auto attendant greeting them selves eliminating the need of a costly technician visit.



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