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Mitel 3000 Control Unit

The Mitel 3000 Phone System CCU contains the system processor, power supply and optional battery back up, connectors for phone lines, slots for CO line, T1, PRI, and voice mail modules, a remote programming and maintenance interface.

Without adding any modules, the Intertel CCU can support up to eight system phones.  (With two CO modules, it will support four lines.)

The optional Inter-tel battery backup provides full operation of the system for approximately on hour in the event of a power failure

Mitel 3000 Line and Voice Modules

additional lines and voice mail can be added by inserting small co line modules and voice mail modules.

Inter-tel Expansion Modules

You can add more telephones and CO/Trunk lines to the Inter-tel phone system by adding a ports module.

You can also add LAN connections by installing an internet router module.

Mitel 3000 Ports Module

Up to four ports modules can be installed on the Intertel EncoreCX.  Each ports module can support either two or four lines.  The ports module has connections for 8 telephones and slots too add either one or two CO Trunk modules with expansion to a maximum of 4 CO Trunk lines per ports module.