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E System Sales, Inc. has been a long time provider of new NEC Phone Systems, Cordless Phones, and replacement phones for most NEC Phone Systems nationwide.

New Systems.  We working with NEC since the year 2001 to provide sales and installation of the latest models of NEC Phone Systems available on the market today such as the SL1100, the SV8100, and the SV8300 to meet the needs of most business with the needs of systems as small as 3 phones or less to busiiness with the needs of up to 1000 phones with all the features you have ever dreamed about that actually do work.

Qualifications.  E System Sales, Inc has been working with NEC selling and installing new phone systems all accross the nation.  We provide starter system bundles reduce the initial blow of purchasing a new phone system plus free romote programming services with 60 days of updates so we can make sure you new phone system is working properly every time.  We also provide unbeatable remote phone system maintenance to all of our customers that need to make changes to there systems that they have purchased from E System Sales, Inc.

NEC Phones.  We provide for replacement phones, expansion cards, and control units for most older NEC Phone Systems, such as the NEC Aspire, DS1000/2000, the NEC I Series, and Electra Elite and the NEC Elite IPK.

NEC Cordless Phone.  We currently have in stock the latest model cordless phone available for most newer and older NEC Phone Systems that provides most the same features as you nesk top model NEC Phone.



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