Samsung OfficeServ Voice Mail

Samsung OfficeServ Voicemail

The SVMi-2E card provides 2 ports (expandable to 4) of voice mail/auto attendant for the iDCS 16 KSU2. This optional board is installed in the AA option slot of the KSU.

The card is equipped with a 64 MB flash card for program memory and message storage. The flash card has approximately 2.5 hours of message storage capability. This storage capacity can be increased by deleting certain default languages (i.e. French, Spanish). Each language uses approximately 30-40 minutes of message storage.

The SVMi-2E is expandable to 4 ports by using a new I-Button designed specifically for the SVMi-2E. 2 Ports Installed, 25 Mailboxes - 4 Ports Installed, 100 Mailboxes - Multilingual (English, Spanish, French)

Samsung OfficeServ 4-Port Voice Mail

The SVMi-8E is a self contained plug in Voice Mail and Auto Attendant card for the OS 100 and OS 500.

The SVMi-8E may act as an Auto Attendant system only, a Voice Mail system only or both. Out of the box the SVMi-8E can handle up to 4 calls simultaneously. It can be easily upgraded to handle up to 8 calls simultaneously.

The memory capacity is approximately 140 hours with a hard drive and 7 hours with a Compact Flash.

The SVMi-8E's modular design allows it to be expanded to add voice ports as needed. Only one SVMi-8E card can be installed per system. Do not use other voice mail systems in combination with an SVMi-8E.

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