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Hotel Phone System Features

Free Auto Attendant Answer
The Panasonic KX-T can automatically answer all of your phone calls and route the callers to there destination 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The free auto answer feature will ring the phones but will not provide any type of message storage, a voice mail system is required to take a message.

Account Codes
The Panasonic KX-T has the capability of forcing users to provide an assigned numeric pass code to make a long distance phone call.

Auto Answer Automated Attendant
The Panasonic KX-T can automatically answer all of your phone calls and route the callers to there destination 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The free auto answer feature will not ring the phones than answer the phone. With the KX-TVA voice mail installed the Panasonic KX-TA824 can answer calls after ringing phones.

Call Accounting
Allows inbound and outbound call data to be collected and saved to a Windows PC for billing in a hotel motel application.

Call Forwarding
All Calls, Busy No Answer, Follow Me.

Call Hold
Allows a caller to place on hold.

Caller ID and Call Logging
Caller ID is provided on all Control Units and System Starter Kits and System Bundles on the first 3 lines for proprietary phones and single line devices designed to use Caller ID.

Call Transfer.
Allows an incoming call to be transferred to other users and telephones on the phone system network. Calls can also be transferred directly into a users voice mailbox. Voice Mail System Required.

Class Of Services
Provides security to the Panasonic KX-TA824 that will allow users to perform certain functions.

Conference Call
Allows multiple users and callers to be connected to a phone call.

Dial by Room Number
Allows a caller to dial by room number. The caller will have to know what room they wish to call. Voice Mail system required for hotels with more than 9 phones.

Direct Inward Line
Allows users to have a phone line to be configured to point directly to only one extension and that extensions voice mail box.

Direct Station Selection / Busy Lamp Field
Allows operators to have the capability to either transfer a caller to a user with the touch of one button or to transfer directly into a users voice mailbox with the touch of 2 buttons. Also allows the operator to see if a user is using their phone.

Do Not Disturb
Allows users to busy or in a meeting to have there phone calls go directly to voice mail or to ring busy if voice mail module is not installed.

Door Phones and Openers
The KX-TA824 has the capability for two door phones and to be able to open two door strikers or gates with appropriate door and gate hardware installed,

Last Number Redial
Allows a a user to look up and redial the last number they dialed.

Music on Hold
Allows the ability to provide a caller to hear either music or a pre-recorded greeting while they are on hold.

Paging and Public Address
The Panasonic KX-TA824 has the capability to page through each phone, all phones, or through an external pre-existing public address amplifier an speakers or paging horns.

Panasonic KX-TA824 Capacity
Out of the box is 3 lines in X 8 Hybrid telephone extension ports with expansion to 8 lines in X 24 Hybrid telephone extension ports with the addition of expansion cards and hardware.

PC Programming
Both the Panasonic KX-TA824 phone system and the KX-TVA voicemails are programable through a PC computer via USB port. The KX-TVA voice mail with an additional Lan card is programmable through an Ethernet network port.

Room Monitor
A feature mainly used on home phone systems to monitor a baby's room. A user will be able to hear noises in a baby's room while the baby is sleeping.

Speed Dials
Provides station users with personal speed dials and allows every user to use system speed dials.

Telco Based Voice Mail Notification
Supports massage notification from telco service provider through proprietary telephone message waiting light.

Timed Reminder / Wake Up Call
Allows a user to configure a timed reminder for appointments and wake up calls for a hotel motel applications.

Voice Mail Integration
Allows interface of a voice mail system. Works best with a Panasonic Voice Mail System.

Voice Mail Message Waiting
Available through Panasonic proprietary voice mail systems or through service provider massage notification.


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