Panasonic KX-TDA50 Installation

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Panasonic KX-TDS50 Do It Your-Self Installation

E Systems Sales offers a EZ do-it-your-self Installation Cable and Block kit to  perform a Panasonic KX-TDA50 installation if the KX-T Installation cable connector kit is purchased.  Please follow these instructions as well as your Installation CD which your will receive with your Panasonic Telephone Equipment.

Panasonic KX-TDA50 Installation

On the graphic shown above the RJ11 cluster of modular connectors in the most center of the Panasonic KX-TDA50 are your CO and telephone extension connectors.

Free Panasonic KX-TDA50 PC Admin Application

Panasonic KX-TDA50 PC Admin

The Panasonic KX-TDA50 PC Admin enables programming of the Panasonic KX-TDA50 via a Windows XP, Vista, or Window 7 PC.  A USB cable is required to connect to the phone system unless an IP Gateway card is installed in the Panasonic KX-TDA50.  Some of the features that need to be programmed are EZ to figure out if the person programming the phone system has good computer skills and some features are harder to figure out as the terms Panasonic uses to program these features are not known.The above diagram is a schematic view of the telco 66 Block provided in the installation kit.  Click here for a exploded view of a 66-Block.  The installer will notice that there are 2 empty terminals on the bottom of the 66 Block. That is normal.

PC Admin programming is also available for programming the NEC DS1000/2000 phone system through a Windows based Personal Computer.  A Windows 2000 or XP PC Computer with an available serial port,  PC Admin cable, and Windows computer skills are required to perform phone system programming.

Locating pairs of wires for CO/Trunk lines

Take your telephone but set.

Individually plug the two Alligator clips on to each pair of color coded (white/Blue blue/white) wires.

Take the Alligator clips

Listen for dial tone, if dial tone exists call your Cell phone and check the caller IP LCD screen to check the phone number you have dialed from.

Locating wire pairs for telephone connections.

Plug the tone generator into
the telco phone jack of the
office location where the
phone is to be installed

 In the phone room or distribution facility run the tone amplifier along each of the connector punch down interface on the 66 Punch Down Block until you hear the tone at to its loudest point over two of the conductors and you have found the pair of wires foe the phone on the office jack in question.

Panasonic KX-TDA50 Installation